How two cities are overcame challenges in a low code environment. Local Governments are under growing pressure to deliver seamless and integrated customer experiences with a limited budget.

While many look towards adopting new technologies to drive efficiencies and improve customer experience, Local Governments must start by looking internally to re-imagine how services are delivered.

View the video to discover how two cities are overcoming these challenges in a low code environment.


Below are resources to help you with your journey to transform your Council's customer experience: 

Join the Digital Services Design Network

Founded by the CIty of Unley, The Digital Services Design Network is for Digital Leaders and Practitioners in Local Government who are actively engaged in transforming online content, services and customer experience.

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  • Connect with a group of forward-thinking, early adopters who are interested in learning from each other and trialling new ways of working.

Join the Digital Services Design Network

How does your Website CX benchmark against best practice?

What makes a ‘good’ City Website? In Australia, the average reading comprehension level is equivalent to the 8th grade. In our previous study, we found that less than 8% of Council websites are written at a reading level that an average Australian can comprehend.

We are embarking on a journey to find out how well City Websites currently reflect best industry practices for guaranteeing security, accessibility, and speed.

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