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How did the City of Cheyenne empower non-technical users to design web experiences?

In the midst of COVID-19, this city re-imagined the delivery of its critical services.

The Challenge

The city initially took a decentralized approach to content managing content on the website. However, due to the difficulty in using their back-end systems, content publishing quickly fell on to a handful of technical users.

Although the city was due for a scheduled site refresh with their current partner, they knew that they needed to find a system that empowered users to easily deploy services.

The Solution 

The city was looking for a partner that would allow them to take a decentralized approach to content management.

“We knew we wanted to provide a better user experience for our residents, but in order to do that we needed a platform that was also a better user experience for our staff. The second we started creating content with OpenCities we knew it was so much more intuitive,”

TJ Barttelbort
Purchasing Manager

In the midst of COVID-19 the Cheyenne team selected to partner with OpenCities to create a new website, train staff remotely, and re-imagine the delivery of critical city services.

They realized that, by investing more, it would mean cost savings later since they would have a solution that would scale and help their staff save time.

The city was attracted to the OpenCities platform as it was continuously tested and upgraded at no extra cost. The OpenCities platform enabled staff to easily provide online services in the midst of a pandemic.

“Previously we weren't able to change anything in our old site. Not the design and not really anything from a functional perspective. We loved that OpenCities really empowers customers to continually evolve their sites,”

TJ Barttelbort
Purchasing Manager

Cheyenne launched their site in July and the OpenCities team applauds them for their hard work in creating a better user experience for their residents.

cheyenne website

Top Tasks

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