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Cardinia Shire Council

Cardinia Shire challenged itself to run leaner, and do more with less.

With only 230 in-office staff serving a community of 110,000 residents and growing, Cardinia Shire challenged itself to run leaner, and do more with less. On an average day, Cardinia Shire has 5 customer service people on phone and one leading the front desk who handles around 500 calls and 50 walk-ins.

Following a directive from the General Manager to make every form available online as part of its upcoming website launch, the customer service team at Cardinia was tasked to get all key forms online within 2.5 months.

Cardinia Shire needed a solution that was quick to deploy and easy to use, whilst being able to scale to meet Council's evolving needs.

"When facing tight deadlines, we didn't have time to roll-out and learn an enterprise product," Rob explains. As a SaaS solution with a simple pricing model and no lock-in contracts, Cardinia Shire was able to move from an initial product demo to building forms within a matter of days.

When asked why they chose OpenForms as their solution, Rob was quick to explain his eureka moment. "I spent half an hour training Kim, one of our non-technical customer service people, and within those 30 minutes, she was able to start confidently creating her own forms."

Ease of use was critical to achieve the team's tight deadlines. Within only 2.5 months, the team at Cardinia Shire was able to review, consolidate and re-imagine 47 forms and services using OpenForms. An average of 1 new service digitized every three days.

Prior to OpenForms, 80% of payments were manually processed via a banking provider. Within just 3 weeks of launch, half of all those banking provider payments were processed automatically with OpenForms.

One of the greatest wins for Cardinia Shire was streamlining forms using OpenCities Smart Logic. "Services & forms that were represented as 4 or 5 separate forms were consolidated into one thanks to smart logic," said Trimble.

Because, as an organisation, we are lean on resources, we look to digital to solve our problems. We have many young families, a cohort that hasn't lived without the internet. So, naturally they are questioning whenever something is not available online because that's how they want and expect to do business with us.

Rob Petreski

Rob Petreski
Customer Service Manager

OpenForms allows us to take staff off mundane repetitive tasks, and free up their time to deliver a superior customer experiences.

Todd TrimbleTodd Trimble
Customer Communications Manager

Man using services

Simple, intuitive digital services for all
Create simple, intuitive digital services for all. With OpenForms, you can manage and optimise your online forms and workflow without any custom code, and deliver a great customer experience from start to finish.

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